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The Position by Position Highlight Reel Guide


A couple of years ago, John Danowski gave a lecture at the college coaching convention about five different ways for an attackman to score a goal. The five ways included the following: dodging, riding, transition, assisted with time and room, and assisted in tight. Every college coach is looking to find an athlete with a complete skill set.

Things to include on a highlight tape

Dodging - looking for ability to dodge and create own shot and create shots for others. Don't show plays where you run through five defenders b/c this is unrealistic at the college level. Be sure to include plays where you start the offense with a dodge, draw a slide, but you make the smart play and move the ball adjacent.

Off ball - Show that you are active off ball, looking for seems in the defense and not just killing grass (standing in place). Include plays where you find seems in defense for an outside shot. Include plays that show you are comfortable with contact and handling and finishing in tight.

Riding/loose ball scenarios - Show hustle on loose ball plays. Demonstrate ability to ride effectively. Effective rides include forcing a bad pass, forcing a ball carrier out of bounds, and stripping the ball carrier. Demonstrate ability to get ball off turf and to the open man.

For an example of an attackman highlight, please click here!


It is important that the midfielder includes clips of scoring goals in the same five ways listed above. It is also important to realize that most freshman midfielders rarely see time on the field as an offensive middie. Most middies start as short stick d-mids their first year or years. Most college coaches are looking for thoroughbred athletes at the midfield position: See Matt Abbott and Max Seibald

Things to include in a highlight tape:

On the offensive end: see above

Riding: see above

Clearing - show ability to clear the ball with your feet and with your stick. Show ability to push tempo on offensive end following a clear.

Defense - include clips that show ability to play solid on ball defense and solid off ball defense. Show plays where you recognize a turnover and are able to turn defense to offense.

If you take wings on face-off's, include clips of that too.

For an example of a midfielder highlight, please click here!


The three things coaches primarily look for in an LSM is good range, great on ground balls, and good stick skills.

Things to include in a highlight tape:

Good on ball and off ball defense. Stick in the passing lanes.

Effective riding

Clips of you clearing the ball with your feet and stick.

Ability to pick up ground balls in the defensive end

Ability to turn defense to offense.

Ability to join to play in transition.

Show wing play on face offs.

For an example of a LSM highlight, please click here!

Close Defensemen

Coaches look for shut down defenseman first and foremost. If you are someone that the can take away the need for a slide guy, a college coach will find you. Realistically though, there are very few guys like this. Coaches look for defenseman that play good angles and don't throw risky checks in dangerous parts of the field. It is tough for great defenseman to find a lot of highlights because they are rarely dodged on. Try to find clips that demonstrate your lacrosse IQ on ball, off ball, loose ball scenarios, and clears. Physicality also goes a long way at the college level.

Things to include on a highlight video:

Solid on ball defense: playing good angles, throwing take away checks on the right parts of the field, not throwing desperation checks in dangerous parts of the field.

Off ball defense: Stick up in the passing lanes, physical play. Spatial awareness. Knowing where the ball is and your man is at all times.

Show ability to pick up ground balls in defensive end and start the clear.

Show ability to help in clear and be big part of clearing game, and excellent stick skills.

Show ability to play good transition defense.

Show ability to play disciplined.

For an example of a defenseman's highlight, please click here!


Ball stopping ability, communication, and clearing ability. Clearing is just as important as saving the ball at the college level. Show plays that showcase your athleticism.

Things to include in a highlight tape:

Include saves from the outside, inside, high, low, stick-side, off-stick, hips.

Include saves on shots coming from all shooting angles: overhand, sidearm, underarm.

Show good ground ball play/control of rebounds.

Show efficient clearing ability.

Show ability to throw quick outlets.

Show ability to run a settle clear

Show ability to back up shots.

Coaches like to see goalies play in person or complete game tapes because it is easy to compile clips of saves for goalies. When including game tape make sure there is volume so the coaches can hear your ability to communicate on settled defense, on transition defense, and on clears.

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