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What you need to know when picking a lacrosse event

College coaches attend lacrosse camps and tourneys in the offseason -- you should too

As lacrosse continues to grow the amount of events during the fall and summer continues to expand.

For a lacrosse athlete, attempting to pick which events to attend can be challenging as they weigh which colleges they are interested in against which college coaches will attend particular events.

Per NCAA rules, college coaches cannot endorse or talk about specific events with media, but all the coaches interviewed said one step for an athlete should be letting the colleges they are interested in attending know which events they plan to attend.

ESPN RISE: What are some things for an athlete to consider when picking events?

Kevin Corrigan, Notre Dame
As a coach you’re working off your contact with the high school kids and coaches. A lot of events are team events so it’s easy to see who’s going to be there. We generally know what the level of play are from those teams or the guys we want to see from those teams, whether they are club or high school teams.

Matt Kerwick, Jacksonville University
There are events you prioritize [as a coach]. The biggest thing is a kid needs to go to those schools and attend the camps they offer at those institutions. If you’re interested in the school there is no better way to get a feel for the campus and coaching staff and also show what you can do than going to one of the college camps.

Dave Pietramala, Johns Hopkins
Per NCAA rules we’re only allowed to have two coaches on the road at one time so it becomes more difficult to be in three places at once. If there’s a blue chip camp and we know some of the best players are there you know that quality is playing against quality. There are other places where there are larger numbers. If there are 1,000 kids you’ll get to see more. It’s gotten to a point where there are so many events you have to map it out. That’s one of the challenges, selecting where you want to go.

As a coach you do some research -- you look at rosters online. When you are interested in a kid and send him the questionnaire, you ask him what camps he’s attending. You’re going to attend the camps that you’re most interested in. Sometimes you attend a camp where there are some new teams that you haven’t seen that much before.

Bill Tierney, University of Denver

Be on club teams and go to the recruiting tournaments. College coaches are an energetic lot. They’ll search under every stone and sit through 100-degree days for 12 hours to look for kids. I always recommend kids to be proactive and tell a coach they’re going to a tournament. They need to be a little proactive so we can see them, but if they stand out we’ll find them.


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