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2018 Royals Coaching Staff

In recruiting our coaching staff, our objective is to find individuals who have not only played the game, but who have built successful teams and programs. In addition to strong coaching skills, these individuals have strong leadership skills and a solid comfort level in communicating with players and parents alike. They also share a common philosophical belief in how the game should be played (e.g. “me-ball”, shots from ridiculous angles and dodges into double and triple teams will be rewarded with a comfortable spot on the bench).
It is often difficult to capture the essence of a coach when all you have to go by is a quick bio. With that said, I would openly encourage you to talk to players who have played for these coaches (or to the parents of players). I can assure you that you will be very pleased with what you hear. You can also feel confident that these coaches will serve as great role models for your sons.

With all teams, our objective is to have a Head Coach, a Senior Coach and an Assistant Coach. We try to ensure that at least one coach has a strong defensive-oriented background (playing or coaching) and one has a strong offensive-oriented background. This expertise enables us to provide better in-depth positional-focused coaching.  Of note, our Assistant Coaches are typically current or recently graduated collegiate players. Our Assistant coaches serve as great role models for our high school players and also provide players with first-hand experience on the recruiting process (at high school levels). Plus, the kids think our college coaches are a lot more fun and hip then our more experienced, “older” coaches.


Royals Elite (2019/2020) Team

Head Coach: Jeff Arneson (Head Coach, Wilmington College)

Assistant Coach: Jhordan Lang

Assistant Coach: Robbie Guiliano

Royals 2020 Elite Team

Head Coach: Frank Baverso (Head Coach, Cincinnati Country Day HS)

Assistant Coach: Leo Horine

Assistant Coach: Jasson Susshine


Royals HS Select team

Head Coach: Connor Carroll (Coach, Centerville HS)

Assistant Coach: Marshal Amon

Assistant Coach: William Happel


Royals 2021 Elite Team

Head Coach: Tim McKay (Head Coach, Indian Hill HS)

Assistant Coach: AJ Froehlich (Coach, Indian Hill HS)

Assistant Coach: Alec Taylor


Royals 2022 Elite Team

Head Coach: Alex Hofrichter

Assistant Coach:  James Bossart

Assistant Coach: Branden Geyer (Coach, Centerville HS)


Royals 2022 Select Team
Head Coach: Dan Gibson

Assistant Coach: Alex Cole

Assistant Coach: Jon Blohm


Royals 2023 Elite Team

Head Coach: Carroll Roberts

Assistant Coach: Mike Miller (Coach, Milford HS)

Assistant Coach: Phillip Riesenberg


Royals MS Select (2023/2024) Team

Head Coach: Tyler Hervas

Assistant Coach: Bradley Bedacht

Assistant Coach: Ian Sagester


Royals 2024 Elite Team

Head Coach: Brian Cross (Head Coach, Milford HS)

Assistant Coach: Tim Gruber (Head Coach, Elder HS)

Assistant Coach: Trenton Sneed


Royals Goalie Coaches

AJ Froehlich (Coach, Indian Hill HS)


Royals Face-Off Coach

Tim Gruber (Head Coach, Elder HS)


Summer Knights Program

Directors: Graham Harden, Chris Milmoe & Dave Torggler


Director of Boys Lacrosse - Graham Harden
Graham played collegiately at the University of North Carolina where he earned First-Team All-ACC and ACC Player of the Year accolades, was selected to the NCAA First-Team All-America team in 1991 and received the Schmeisser Cup as the nation’s Most Outstanding Defenseman.  In 2002, was named to the ACC’s 50th Anniversary Team representing the 50 greatest men’s lacrosse players in ACC history.

Graham also has had a very successful high school coaching career at multiple schools in Ohio, Connecticut and Georgia.  In fourteen years at the high school level, those teams have played in ten state semi-finals, nine state finals and have won six state championships