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To provide a top quality lacrosse experience and to compete at the highest level against the finest programs in America,
while increasing the national profile of Southern Ohio Lacrosse.


Our Sole Focus is Southern Ohio Lacrosse- 

Growing the Game One Player at a Time


ValueThe Cincy Royals are a 501-(c)(3) non-profit organization. The only people who profit are our players. Since we have no profit motive, we are able to remain solely focused on delivering the best possible Club lacrosse experience at the lowest cost. Our "financial reward" comes in the form of satisfied parents and players.


Focus on Elevating the Level of Play and National Profile of Southern Ohio LacrosseWe are solely committed to Southern Ohio and have no desire to expand to other markets. We believe that as Southern Ohio lacrosse improves, so will the Royals.  As such, we continually invest in and support the Southern Ohio lacrosse community through bringing in nationally recognized experts to conduct coaching and player clinics, and by broadly engaging and involving the Southern Ohio lacrosse community. The Royals are nationally respected and recognized as Southern Ohio’s team!


Head Coaching Experience- Our goal as an organization is to develop and retain players who are quality individuals off the field as well as on the field. We believe experienced Head Coaches are generally in a better position serve as role models versus younger coaches who are still in the process of developing their own belief system. Our staff is comprised of Head Coaches from some of the top High School and Middle School teams in Southern Ohio as well as former Royals players who are currently playing at the collegiate level.


Recruiting Support-  Our coaches and our Director of College Recruiting work closely with parents and players to help them in both understanding the recruiting process (which can be daunting) and in developing a recruiting plan. We also provide additional support like filming at all tournaments and a secure portal on our website where college coaches can view player profiles and highlight reels (Note: More than 100 coaches have requested password protected access to our player portal).  Importantly, we have strong relationships with most college head coaches as a result of:

  1. our tenure and reputation as an organization;
  2.  the numerous players we have sent to collegiate programs over the past five years; and
  3. the multiple coaching clinics we host that are led by top college coaches. 


Fun- We refer to this as the Royals "Secret Sauce". Our experience as an organization, our well trained and energetic Team Managers and our operational expertise (which includes a full time Director of Operations) allows us to give parents and kids a truly fun and memorable summer experience. Importantly, this operational support also allows coaches to remain focused solely on coaching rather than administrative details.


Because we compete against the top teams in the country, we are able to benchmark our players to understand where they are behind versus their peers and where they need to improve.  Our goal is to help close these skill gaps through:

1) offering clinics from top level college coaches;
2) disseminating learnings and suggested plans of action with all area programs; and
3) providing suggested drills and coaching clinics to youth coaches.